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typically use another code as a builder and convert its output to LAMMPS input format, or write their own code to generate atom coordinate and molecular topology for LAMMPS to read in. For complicated molecular systems (e.g. a protein), a multitude of topology information and hundreds of
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I gave examples of using gromacs and lammps as classical MD simulator and cpmd, cp2k, cp.x, qbox as FPMD simulator. ... minimize 1.0e-8 1.0e-8 10000 10000 dump 1 all ...
LAMMPS Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator Brought to you by: akohlmey, sjplimp. Summary Files Reviews Support Mailing Lists Menu lammps-users; Re: [lammps-users] Dump file after minimizing in a loop ... [lammps-users] Dump file after minimizing in a loop ...
The scripts include readers for log and dump files, a reader for EAM potential files, and a converter that reads LAMMPS dump files and produces CFG files that can be visualized with the AtomEye visualizer. See the README.pdf file for more information. These scripts were written by Arun Subramaniyan at Purdue Univ (asubrama at purdue.edu).
In this video, I walk through the simplest example of writing a LAMMPS data file using a scripting language, in this case, Python. Get these codes and other ...
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